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The National University of Scouting of Morocco wins six sub-committees within the Arab scouting region

The activities of the Arab Scout Committee at the Arab International Scout Center in Cairo were concluded last Wednesday, corresponding to 13 November 2019 in Cairo, in the presence of the entire members of the Arab Scout Committee and young advisors headed by Dr. Abdullah Al-Turiji, Chairman of the Arab Scout Committee and in the presence of Professor Amr Hamdi, the Regional Director of the World Scout Organization and the Secretary-General of the Scout Organization Arabic, as well as the presence of Mr. Aziz Al-Hafidi, Vice-Chairman of the Committee, Acting Managing Director of the National University of Scouting Morocco.
This meeting resulted in the selection of members of the sub-committees from which Morocco and the university had the lion’s share, and they came as follows:
Membership of the Medal Committee: Commander Abdelmoula Boukhreiss
Membership of the Community Service and Social Responsibility Committee: Leader Karim Sharky Mohsen
Membership of the Law Committee: Leader Abd al-Ilah Filali Hassoun
Membership of the Finance Committee: Commander Hassan Shawky.
Membership of the Information Technology Committee: Commander Abdul Aziz Al Alawi Al Sousi
Chairing the Programs and Stages Committee: Leader Imane Shrikane is the first Moroccan woman to have this confidence.
It should be noted that Morocco returned strongly to the Arab interface by obtaining the Prosecution of the Arab Committee Presidency in the person of Mr. Aziz Al-Hafidi and the membership of the young advisers represented by the young leader Hamza Al-Hamoumi through their election to the Arab Scout Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh last September. Morocco also embraced the beginning of this November the camp. The first Arab scout to integrate people with disabilities in the scout movement in the Scout Center in the globe attended by more than 300 participants representing seven countries from the various scout regions Arab, European and African, so that the university has silenced the signature of the first integrated camp in the history of the eclipse movement Global since its founding in 1907 by Lord Baden Powell.

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