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Dar El Cai Said Museum in Marrakech

Dar Essi Said is one of the luxury traditional houses in Marrakesh, which was established in the second half of the nineteenth century by Mr. Saeed bin Musa, who was exercising the functions of a minister of war during the reign of the Sultan Abdul-Aziz. With the death of Mr. Said in 1900, this house was employed for a number of purposes. In 1914, it was devoted to hosting the headquarters of the governor of the Marrakech region of the French protection, and in 1930 I missed the General Administration of Public Refinement, Fine Arts and Archeology to become a headquarters that includes the interest of the people’s affairs and a museum and workshops for traditional industry. In 1957, this house was divided into two parts, one that includes the traditional industry and a section that includes the corridors of the museum, which consists of the Grand Riyadh with its four grand halls, the Little Riyadh and the upper floor. This section, with its architectural components and landscapes, is a testament to the architecture of residential houses for the period before and early the twentieth century. 1978 – 1980 The museum building has undergone major repairs and repairs, and the museum collections have been revisited. The museum collections hosted by the Dar El Si Said Museum belong to the city of Marrakech, as well as the southern regions, especially the regions of Tansift, Souss, the Atlas of Big and Small, and Tafilalet. It consists mostly of wooden groups, ornaments, pottery, porcelain, traditional weapons, textiles, and some archaeological finds, as is the case for the Alabaster basin dating back to the eleventh century AD.

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