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Summer Camp 2016

Since its founding, the Moroccan Organization for Scouts and Guides – Marrakesh Locality – in the 1950s, has been working to consolidate and educate its scouts and guides, the values ​​of originality and openness to other cultures. That the foreign press give her the title of “Ambassadors of King Hassan …

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Badi Palace

The magnificent palace in Marrakech is considered a masterpiece of Islamic architecture in Morocco, built by Sultan Al-Saadi Ahmed Al-Mansour Al-Thahabi (1603-1578) a few months after assuming power and his impressive victory over the Portuguese in the Battle of Wadi Al-Makhazin in 1578 AD. Ahmed Al-Mansour chose the northeastern corner …

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Angham Festival the first version

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Collective Council of Marrakech, and the organization of the group of lovers, the Moroccan Organization for Scouts and Girl Guides Sidi Youssef Ben Ali supervised the organizing committee of the first edition melodies festival. Several national and international artistic …

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Kuwait hosts the heads of Arab scout societies

Today, the activities of the heads of the Arab Scout Associations began with hosting the State of Kuwait at the headquarters of the Kuwait Scout Association, headed by Dr. Abdullah Al-Turiji, the head of the Arab Scout Committee and the President of the Kuwaiti Scout Association and Mr. Amr Hamdi, …

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The Marrakech Doors Competition, organized by the Moroccan Organization of Scouts and Guides, branch of Sidi Youssef Ben Ali

A video filmed by a scouting organization appeared on March 9, 2014 – many questions about the seriousness of the production sector on Moroccan television, compared to many talents abound in youth potential in Morocco, despite the limited capabilities and despite the existence of significant differences in capabilities during the …

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Exploratory trip to Ait Ourir

  Beginning of a year full of entertainment and knowledge, the Moroccan Organization of Scouts and Guides Sidi Youssef Ben Ali branch, organized an exploratory exit for the Ait Ourir region, one of the most important salt mining mines in the region.

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Al-Manara Garden

Al-Manara Garden is one of the oldest gardens in the Islamic West, and ancient historians date back to the beginning The works were carried out until the reign of the Almohad Sultan Abdul Mumin bin Ali. The pawn states that the founder The Almohad state, upon his return from Salé …

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Dar El Cai Said Museum in Marrakech

Dar Essi Said is one of the luxury traditional houses in Marrakesh, which was established in the second half of the nineteenth century by Mr. Saeed bin Musa, who was exercising the functions of a minister of war during the reign of the Sultan Abdul-Aziz. With the death of Mr. …

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