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Moroccan Organization for Scouts and Guides


Founded in 1946, its principle is to spread the idea of innovation, create personality and strengthen the body, and send a spirit of brotherhood and a sense of duty to young people, and it is friendly to all scout bodies in the world


The Moroccan Organization of Scouts and Guides: a national educational, developmental, and scouting movement of a voluntary nature that refrains from all partisan activity. She is a member of the National University of the Moroccan Scout


Spreading a method of disclosure and adherence to its spirit, which aims to develop young people spiritually, mentally, physically and socially as individuals and citizens responsible and working for the benefit of society and the nation


The Moroccan Organization for Scouts and Guides is based on the following principles:

The duty towards God: commitment to the principles of the true Islamic religion

Duty to others: loyalty and loyalty to the country and the king / supporting global peace and peace / supporting global and Arab scouting cooperation / participating in community development

The duty towards the self: the responsibility of the individual to develop himself

Mahmoud El Alami: Founder of the Moroccan Organization for Scouts and Guides

One of the pioneers of the movement who had the merit of establishing it in Morocco, where he has been involved in its movement since 1933. He had his national role in combating colonialism as well as his efforts to keep the scout movement in Morocco a national movement. ) for many years. He took over the presidency of the National University of Moroccan Scouts from 1971 to 1981. He received the Bronze Wolf Medal from the World Scout Organization due to his sincere efforts in serving the Scout Movement in 1978. He participated in many Arab scout conferences and camps. He wrote many papers on the scouting movement and authored a large group of scouting and patriotic chants. He obtained the Arab Scout Pendant in 1982 due to his sincere efforts at the local and Arab levels.